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No. 204
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1. On what date will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marry? (Bonus point for naming where they will marry?)
2. Which entertainer was born Onika Tanya Maraj in Trinidad and Tobago in 1982?
3. Is the Japanese city Nagoya north or south of Tokyo?
4. Which song features the line: “Foreign types with the hookah pipes …”?
5. The logo of which company comprises three overlapping tuning forks?
6. Is the Portuguese wine arinto a red or white wine?
7. The Man of Property is the first book in what series?
8. The asteroid belt is located between which two planets?
9. Is a pangolin (a) a musical instrument; (b) an animal; (c) a temple; or (d) a tropical plant?
10. Who plays Debbie Ocean in the film Ocean’s 8?

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Cindy MacDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.