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No. 225
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1. What is the name of Utah’s NBA team: (a) Jazz; (b) Soul; (c) Blues; or (d) Rock?
2. Who did the South African press nickname “the Black Pimpernel”?
3. Agrimony, costmary and lovage are all types of what?
4. Who, according to Forbes magazine, was the world’s highest paid actress in 2017?
5. Sri Lanka was formerly known by what name? (Bonus point for naming the country’s commercial capital.)
6. Who is the patron saint of animals?
7. There was no daylight saving time in Australia after World War II until which state reintroduced it in 1967–68?
8. In which medical field is a Rorschach test used?
9. Which album recently eclipsed Michael Jackson’s Thriller to become the biggest selling album in history?
10. Is the Pantheon in Athens or Rome?

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Cindy MacDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.