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No. 236
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1. Which race did Kim Beazley describe as “400 metres of national reconciliation”?
2. Phoebe is a moon of which planet?
3. Rounded to the nearest whole number, one calorie equals how many kilojoules?
4. Lisa Alexander is head coach of which national sports team?
5. Lake Titicaca is situated in which mountain range?
6. What is the name for an egg-laying mammal?
7. The three lead characters in the 1952 film Singin’ in the Rain are Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and…?
8. In what year did Australia’s goods and services tax become operational?
9. The city of Savannah is in which US state?
10. Which 1970s Rod Stewart hit begins with a mandolin solo?
11. “Hepatic” relates to which organ?
12. In which century was the Taj Mahal built?
13. Which Australian state or territory had the highest vote for marriage equality in the 2017 postal survey?
14. Who was engaged to actor Ben Affleck in 2002?
15. Who wrote that history repeats, “the first time as tragedy, the second as farce”?
16. Models Gemma Ward, Jessica Gomes and Megan Gale were born in which Australian capital city?
17. Basketballer Liz Cambage (pictured) played for which WNBA team in 2018?
18. For what type of company does a dramaturge work?
19. What would the word “back” score in a game of Scrabble if it didn’t sit on any bonus point squares?
20. On which continent are macaques chiefly found?
21. Which country’s national anthem begins: “E Ihowā Atua”?
22. Who play the title roles in the 2018 comedy film Holmes & Watson?
23. The name of what pasta translates to “butterflies” in English?
24. Ben Gillies, Daniel Johns and Chris Joannou formed the band Innocent Criminals in 1992. What name were the trio known by when they won ARIA awards?
25. Phuket is an island of which country?
26. What is 15 per cent of 300?
27. What is the main component of the alloy steel?
28. Orogeny creates which geological feature?
29. Complete the saying: He who laughs last…
30. Australian Stephanie Gilmore last month won a record-equalling seventh world surfing title, matching the accomplishment of which countrywoman?
31. The characters Jane Gallagher, Phoebe Caulfield and Carl Luce feature in which novel?
32. Which furniture designers created the Time-Life executive chair?
33. Would a person eat, wear or play cuirass?
34. Which blood group is most common in Asia?
35. Who created the artwork Girl with Balloon that was this year partially shredded seconds after being sold at auction?
36. Name the whistleblower and former United States Army soldier who was court-martialled in 2013 for violating the Espionage Act and other offences.
37. According to Greek legend, who gouged out his own eyes following patricide and incest?
38. Which city has the largest population of Hobart, Geelong, Wollongong and Townsville?
39. How would you write 98 in Roman numerals?
40. Which batsman’s suspension over ball-tampering from Cricket Australia is due to expire on December 29, 2018?

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Dec 22, 2018 as "In which century was the Taj Mahal built?".

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Cindy MacDonald is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.