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No. 256
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1. Nazi Germany’s “lightning war” strategy was known as what starting with ‘b’?
2. Name the protagonist of a short story about a man who falls asleep in America’s Catskill Mountains and wakes up 20 years later.
3. In Australia, the short-tailed shearwater is commonly known as a … bird?
4. Tim Cook is the chief executive of which multinational tech company?
5. Horse trainer Gai Waterhouse is the daughter of which leading trainer?
6. How many seasons were there of the TV series Game of Thrones?
7. In what year did then prime minister Bob Hawke proclaim, “Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum”? (Bonus point for naming what event he said it after.)
8. What nationality was champion Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda?
9. Who has recently released a new album of original music titled My Criminal Record?
10. Which Australian city hosts a yearly jacaranda festival?

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Jun 8, 2019 as "Horse trainer Gai Waterhouse is the daughter of which leading trainer?". Subscribe here.

Cindy MacDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.