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No. 300

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1. Which song links Harry Nilsson, Three Dog Night, John Farnham and Aimee Mann? (Bonus point for naming which film’s soundtrack featured the Mann version.)
2. Name Australia’s shadow treasurer.
3. What is the name of the children’s fiction little helicopter character created by Sarah, Duchess of York?
4. The Yom Kippur War took place in: (a) 1967; (b) 1971; (c) 1973 or (d) 1975?
5. Corona beer comes from which country?
6. Name Jeremy Corbyn’s successor as leader of Britain’s Labour Party.
7. Which chemical element has the symbol Ni and atomic number 28?
8. Is Tanzania north or south of the equator?
9. Steven Bradbury is an Olympic champion in which sport?
10. In education, what does the acronym ATAR stand for?

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on May 9, 2020 as "Is Tanzania north or south of the equator? ".

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Cindy MacDonald is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.