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No. 321
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1. True or false: Dolly Parton’s 1967 debut album was titled Hello, I’m Dolly?
2. Which country’s national capital lies on the Spree River?
3. Walden is a book by American transcendentalist writer Henry David …?
4. Name the Tasmanian cyclist who finished third in this year’s Tour de France.
5. What is the cube root of 729?
6. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine against which viral disease?
7. Name the United States Supreme Court justice and feminist icon who died last month?
8. To the nearest million, what is the population of New Zealand?
9. What is the chemical formula for table salt?
10. Who played Marion Crane in the 1960 film Psycho? (Bonus point for naming her famous actress daughter.)

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Oct 3, 2020 as "True or false: Dolly Parton’s 1967 debut album was titled Hello, I’m Dolly?".

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Cindy MacDonald is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.