resources September 18, 2021

Homeless deaths in Australia’s richest state

As Western Australia posts a budget surplus of $5 billion, figures show more than one person a week is dying on the streets of Perth.

resources September 18, 2021

Viva Energy and corporate welfare

Viva Energy collected $100 million in government handouts from JobKeeper and other corporate welfare programs, then handed $140 million to shareholders.

resources September 4, 2021

Exclusive: Covid-19 hospitalisations three times higher than reported

Victoria and NSW are at a crisis point, with Covid-19 hospitalisations being underreported and cascading impacts on ambulance services and medical staffing.

resources September 4, 2021

What is behind Morrison’s positive shift?

While the government pivots to upbeat messaging and the AMA calls for greater honesty around reopening, the Doherty Institute modelling shows that lockdowns may continue, even at high vaccination rates.

resources September 4, 2021

Why your current car may be the last fossil-fuel vehicle you own

Australians are taking up electric vehicles in increasing numbers, but the country is still a long way behind Europe. Now states are offering incentives, and charging infrastructure is being planned, with price parity only a few years away.

resources August 28, 2021

Australia’s deteriorating role in global peace

Faced with pandemics, global warming, species extinction and a possible war with China, there is understandable anxiety about the future. Perhaps the hardest question is whether it’s futile to push for new peace initiatives.

resources August 21, 2021

Leaked doc: National cabinet counts ICU beds, underestimates cases by 50 per cent

A leaked document shows that national cabinet has shifted its focus from vaccinations to working out how well hospitals will cope with Covid-19 surges.

resources August 21, 2021

Morrison ministers lobbied over Beetaloo Basin

The Morrison government has awarded $21 million to a fossil fuel company that helped draft the regulatory regime for the gas reserves it intends to exploit.

resources August 14, 2021

IPCC climate report author: our final plea to the world

For the first time, the IPCC has been able to emphatically conclude that human influence is responsible for almost all global warming experienced since pre-industrial times. All model scenarios show a breach of the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degree Celsius target in the early 2030s.

resources July 24, 2021

How power and factionalism work in Berejikliand

A power-sharing relationship inside the NSW Liberals has given the party stability – and edged out the influence of Scott Morrison.

resources July 24, 2021

Welcome to the heat dome

A slow-moving heat dome is bringing record-breaking temperatures to the northern hemisphere. Climate scientists are alarmed by how bad it is – and what might follow in Australia.