resources   December 9, 2023

The bill that could stop fracking at Beetaloo Basin

A concession to the Greens over the Nature Repair bill has handed the environment minister a means to obstruct the Beetaloo Basin fracking project – the question now is whether she will use it.

resources   September 16, 2023

How to build a green economic boom

This second instalment of a two-part series explains how Australia can create a thriving economy based on green energy and manufacturing, while helping the world shift to renewables.

resources   July 15, 2023

Fact check: Green hydrogen’s big promise

Australia’s plan to become a renewable superpower is focused on pouring more money into green hydrogen. Can it live up to the hype?

resources   June 10, 2023

A seismic blasting whistleblower speaks

A marine biologist working with seismic blasting surveyors has turned whistleblower to highlight significant flaws in how the process is monitored and the risks it poses to marine life.

resources   February 4, 2023

Scott Morrison gas decision overturned

The former prime minister’s use of secret ministerial powers in the Asset Energy gas exploration veto cannot be defended, Commonwealth court filings reveal.

resources   February 4, 2023

What the carbon credits review didn’t say

The government’s review of the flawed carbon credits scheme is nuanced, political and confusing.

resources   January 7, 2023

Subpoenas reveal scale of Chevron’s Australian ambitions

Documents tabled in the US congress show Chevron plans to run its Gorgon gas plant in Western Australia until at least 2056, exploiting other companies’ transitions to cleaner energy.

resources   December 17, 2022

Energy price caps a rare blow to fossil fuel giants

The Albanese government’s energy package may be the first step in loosening the grip of the fossil fuel giants on Australian policy.

resources   November 19, 2022

Exclusive: McCormack reveals what he knew of Morrison ministries

Scott Morrison never told his deputy prime minister Michael McCormack that to overrule a NSW gas project, he had himself appointed to the Resources portfolio.

resources   November 19, 2022

Inside Mike Cannon-Brookes’s AGL coup

When Mike Cannon-Brookes’s takeover of AGL failed, he opted for a mutiny, and it’s dragging one of Australia’s oldest companies – and our largest polluter – into a renewable energy future.

resources   November 5, 2022

Push for legal case against Morrison to go to High Court

New documents in the case against Scott Morrison’s use of a secret ministry to reject a gas project show he claimed there was ‘sufficient supply’ on the east coast.