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As an added benefit for subscribers,
you can now unlock and share
articles with a friend.

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What is a “sharing credit”?

As a subscriber to The Saturday Paper you have full digital access online. We now have a way for you to share an article with a friend who may not have a subscription of their own.

You can share a full article via a unique sharing credit. The recipient will be able to read the article without a subscription.

Every month, you will have access to 15 sharing credits. It’s up to you how to spend the credits, and the credits will refresh at the beginning of every month.

How do I share with a friend?

Step 1.

While viewing an article you would like to share, you will notice a new button above our regular share icons and at the end of the article. Share free article.

Clicking this button will bring up a box on your screen that will allow you to generate a free sharing link by using one of your sharing credits.

Step 2.

Click on the create sharing link button. This will use one of your sharing credits.

If you are on a mobile or tablet, tapping share will bring up the inbuilt sharing options on your device.

On desktop you can click the copy link button. You can then paste the link into an email or message.

You can also click email link, which will open a new email window on your device. Here you can enter the recipient’s email and add a personalised message.

Step 3.

If you would like to send the same article to another person, please click create another sharing link to refresh the window and repeat the process. This will generate a new link and use another sharing credit.

As these links are single use, please be mindful that if you copy a single link and send it to multiple people, it will only work for the first person to visit the article.

Sharing credit FAQ

What happens if I post a sharing credit link on social media?

The single use nature of the sharing credit means that if you post the link publicly or to a group of people, the first person will be lucky enough to get access to the full article but any subsequent visits will receive a message that the link has expired.

How long before my sharing credit link expires?

The recipient of the sharing credit will have up to a year to click through and read the article. Once visited, the link will then expire.

When do my sharing credits renew?

At the start of each month your account will receive 15 sharing credits. Credits do not roll over or accumulate.

What if I want to share an article with a fellow subscriber?

In the centre of the sharing dialogue box, there is a toggle switch. While oriented to the left, you will be able to generate a unique sharing link that will grant a non-subscriber access to the current article, as outlined above.

By toggling the switch to the right, you will be able to copy or email a regular web link for the article you are viewing. This will not use any credits, but any recipient of that link will need to be a subscriber to
The Saturday Paper to read the article.