afl   December 16, 2023

The coroner’s findings on Shane Tuck’s ‘tortured death’

As a coroner’s report into the untimely death of former footballer Shane Tuck acknowledges the AFL’s attempts to mitigate the risks associated with head knocks, his widow claims the league’s duty of care remains grossly inadequate.

afl   November 4, 2023

Jack Riewoldt’s The Bright Side

Far from offering thoughtful insight into the venerated career of Richmond full-forward Jack Riewoldt, his new memoir, The Bright Side, is a dull cover letter for future employment.

afl   September 16, 2023

The battleground of sports concussion

Controversy in the AFL Tribunal follows a Senate report into head trauma in sport, and raises further questions about the willingness to risk bodies – and minds – for the sake of victory.

afl   May 27, 2023

Quitting time for Damien Hardwick

The media sideshow that followed Damien Hardwick’s resignation as Richmond coach this week was yet another demonstration of the obsessive scrutiny and lack of perspective that dogs the AFL.

basketball   May 20, 2023

Heroes, villains and the booing of Buddy Franklin

One legend endured a hostile Magpies fan base, another backflipped her way to FA Cup glory, and a third turned the LA Lakers into genuine contenders. Here, a look at the latest heroes and villains in sport.

afl   May 13, 2023

Interpreting the lores of war and football

When the author feared his four-year-old daughter would never share his love of the AFL, he didn’t anticipate that her allegiance might fixate on a club he loathed during a commemoration of something he could not explain.

basketball   May 6, 2023

Top shots

From Collingwood proving their winning streak is about more than just luck to the NRL gambling on an American audience, the world of sport again provided an action-packed highlight reel.

afl   April 15, 2023

Footy and father–daughter bonding

When his own faith is waning, can a sports-mad dad lure his daughter away from her My Little Ponies and into the sad embrace of his beloved Fremantle FC?

afl   March 25, 2023

AFL Tribunal contradicts its stance on blows to head

While former players are taking the AFL to court for not protecting them from concussion, the league showed astonishing leniency for ‘vicious’ head-high contact.

afl   March 18, 2023

Plagiarism and the AFL’s concussion adviser

The AFL’s investigation into claims against the league’s former adviser on concussion found Paul McCrory’s plagiarism didn’t affect the content of his advice. Other experts strongly disagree.

afl   March 11, 2023

Jack Ginnivan, the AFL and Crown’s grip

The wall-to-wall coverage of a rising AFL star’s indiscretion in a pub toilet serves as a convenient shroud to the league’s support of a gambling behemoth.