cricket   November 25, 2023

Captain Planet’s team on top of the world

Dismissed recently as too woke, the Australian men’s cricket team overran home-town favourites India to claim the ICC World Cup and surely the most unlikely success of the year.

cricket   July 6, 2023

Outrage and hypocrisy at the second Ashes Test

Despite the outrage and name-calling that marred the final day of the second Ashes Test, the thrilling cricket played by both teams has finally brought fun back to the game.

cricket   June 24, 2023

Australian Test cricket team silences critics

Just months after the Australian men’s Test cricket team were written off for being too weak and woke, they have begun their Ashes campaign as world champions with something to prove.

cricket   February 17, 2023

Testing times for the Australian cricket team

After an uninspiring and one-sided summer of Test cricket on home soil, the Australian men’s team now faces annihilation in India and a barrage of angry questions from fans and ex-players.

cricket   January 28, 2023

Michael Clarke and the boys in a bubble

In the world of elite Australian cricket under the leadership of Michael Clarke, sportsmanship and a love of the game were subsumed by self-regard.

afl   October 29, 2022

Who wins with sponsor boycotts?

Far from being an act of charitable benevolence, sports sponsorship is about winning influence on the back of a love of the game. So, who loses when the relationships sour?

cricket   September 10, 2022

The redemption of Ben Stokes

An unflinching new documentary on cricket all-rounder Ben Stokes lays bare the career highs and personal lows of England’s latest Test captain.

cricket   April 9, 2022

Loud, indulgent and fitting: Shane Warne’s MCG memorial

The state memorial service for cricketer Shane Warne juxtaposed the personal grief of immediate family with a boisterous public celebration of a life lived large.

cricket   March 12, 2022

Shane Warne, thanks for the memories

As a man, Shane Warne was no stranger to controversy and scandal. As a cricketer, he was the stuff of legend. Now his untimely death has left millions of Australians in mourning for a deeply flawed and deeply gifted stranger they felt they knew.

cricket   February 19, 2022

What does the national cricket coach actually do?

Justin Langer’s departure as the Australian men’s cricket team coach sparked speculation and controversy. It also pulled focus on the requirements and necessity of the role.

cricket   February 12, 2022

What have we learnt from the Justin Langer saga?

Justin Langer was a dogged opener over many seasons for the Australian men’s cricket team. But after ascending to the role of head coach, that same gritty determination brought him undone at the hands of an arrogant Cricket Australia.