Exclusive: Doctors ignore terminal cancer

Rick Morton
A scan might have found the cancer now killing Daniel van Roo. Instead his doctor gave him 50 STI tests, which van Roo believes was because he is gay.

COVID-19: Racism, economics and the aftermath

Mike Seccombe
While Chinese-owned businesses struggle through a downturn, questions remain about whether Australia’s coronavirus response stoked racist fear.

Dutton’s plan for a surveillance state

Mike Seccombe
Privacy experts fear the Home Affairs minister will ignore a warning from parliament’s most powerful committee and push ahead with his plan for national surveillance.

The decline of political freedoms in Australia

Mike Seccombe
While the Australian government is quick to criticise other countries for restricting people’s freedoms, its treatment of whistleblowers and climate protesters reveals an alarming hypocrisy.

Foreign students and sexual assault

Janek Drevikovsky
One international student’s fight to have a university tutor prosecuted for sexual assault highlights how our system fails survivors.

Student leaders accused of university assaults

Nina Funnell
At the University of New England – reputedly the ‘most dangerous university for women’ in Australia – college student leaders have been themselves accused of sexual offences.

Risks to foreign students on campus

Nina Funnell
The rape and murder of Aya Maasarwe near her La Trobe University accommodation shocked the world. But absent from the headlines was acknowledgement of the increasing prevalence of sexual assaults on international students.

Bettina Arndt’s campus tour

Alex McKinnon
Commentator Bettina Arndt is publicly petitioning to have Sydney University take action against five students who demonstrated outside a speech on her “Fake Rape Crisis Campus Tour”.

Australia’s human rights disgraces

Mike Seccombe
After leaving her post as president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs is as forthright as ever in describing the country’s slide backwards in its social policies and treatment of the vulnerable.

Campus assaults

Drew Rooke
Despite a campaign to develop better support services for victims of sexual assault on campus, students say universities are more concerned for their own reputation.