election '22 you asked

election '22 you asked

politics   May 21, 2022

Election ’22: Your guide to the key seats

The Coalition will lose government if it drops just one seat. Labor needs to win eight. Here is an essential guide to the electorates in close contention.

politics   May 21, 2022

Election ’22: What will happen in the senate?

With several wildcards expected, the senate’s next crossbench will be instrumental for whoever forms government.

law & crime   May 14, 2022

New front in Coalition war on charities

Before the election, the Morrison government’s charities commission began issuing letters that threatened charities with deregistration if they were engaged in advocacy. Many regard these ‘reviews’ as a means of silencing the sector.

politics   May 14, 2022

Morrison ministers overrule advice on grants

New documents show four federal ministers overruled advice from their departments to award grants – largely in key Coalition seats.

media   May 7, 2022

Why is Scott Morrison dodging the ABC?

The Coalition’s relationship with News Corp and its hostility towards the national broadcaster are influencing more than just the televised leaders’ debates.

rural   May 7, 2022

Independent Suzie Holt’s fight for Groom

In the second-safest seat in the country, Queensland’s only ‘Voices’ candidate is pushing the LNP into fighting for the electorate.

politics   April 9, 2022

Coalition stacking Liberals across the boards

In the days before the caretaker period, the Morrison government has made 19 appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, many of whom have links to the Liberal Party.

politics   February 5, 2022

How political parties hide the source of their donations

The final disclosures of political donations to be published before the election show the source of more than half of the money is hidden by loopholes.