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Brandis ties NGO funding to non-advocacy

Mike Seccombe
The Abbott government is using money and law to close down criticism and gag the community’s most trusted voices.

Abbott appointments are trusted class warriors

Mike Seccombe
With an unprecedented fervour, the government is filling boards and commissions with old cronies.

Gadfly: A Bolt from the future

Richard Ackland
Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flys about the nation.

George Brandis's creeping spy powers

Sophie Morris
The attorney-general is exploiting fear of returning holy fighters to push through ASIO’s long-sought powers.

18C and the bigot bang

George Brandis and his ideological wingmen are leading the government to a spectacular defeat on 18C.

Reworked Racial Discrimination Act takes away the meaning

The Hague rules on Timor-Leste material seized in ASIO raids

Jonathan Pearlman
With vast oil and gas reserves at stake, did the federal government use its espionage agencies to foil Timor-Leste’s case against it in The Hague?