The Coalition's legal appointments

Saudi ultimatum for Qatar has echoes of war

Hamish McDonald
Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong on 20th anniversary. Brandis and Dutton push 'Five Eyes' on encryption. Australian Defence secretary candidates.

Hardline Christian hoping to replace Triggs

Mike Seccombe
Meet the Pentecostal lawyer West Australian Liberals want to replace Gillian Triggs as president of the Human Rights Commission.

Foreign political donations and the promise of interference laws

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Revelations of ASIO’s historic warnings regarding Chinese donations to political parties has belatedly prompted bipartisan support for foreign interference laws.

Brandis reverses community legal centres funding cut

Karen Middleton
The government’s reversal of funding cuts to community legal centres came after a campaign from across the legal sector and within parliament.

Gadfly: Out of harmony’s way

Richard Ackland
Harmony Day turned into a triumph for pinkish-coloured people. PM Turnbull and his pale-skinned sidekick Bookshelves “Bigot” Brandis say it’s important for our free speech that tinted people be subject to offence, insults and humiliation – but no harassment, please. The Macquarie Dictionary...

Brandis’s plan for metadata in civil litigation

Gadfly: Brandis logs his claim

Richard Ackland
Diarist-at-large flies about the nation.

Gadfly: Piers group pressure

Richard Ackland
Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.

Gadfly: St John’s wart

Richard Ackland
Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.