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inside crypto

technology   August 13, 2022

The future of cryptocurrency regulation in Australia

Despite all their problems, digital currencies are a rapidly expanding part of the financial universe. Now it’s time for national and international agencies to set some hard rules.

technology   August 6, 2022

The enormous environmental cost of crypto mining

Crypto’s mines-to-ledgers technology has roots as far back as early Micronesian society, though today’s energy-intensive process is a far greater threat to the planet, requiring urgent solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.

technology   July 30, 2022

The dark side of the crypto market

The second part of our series on cryptocurrency examines how the market’s explosion opened new vistas for grifters and scammers, and sinkholes for investor cash and developer expertise.

technology   July 23, 2022

The genesis of bitcoin: how the crypto market started

Cryptocurrencies promised to change the world of finance, but then came a massive reality check. Whether it’s a vision of a bold new future or a disaster remains an open question.