‘We know where the bodies are buried’

Karen Middleton
As Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership collapsed, with Scott Morrison replacing him, members of his own cabinet threatened to ‘open the bottom drawer’ and release a dirt file they believed would force him out of the leadership.

The collapse of Turnbull

Pushing the limits of acceptable debate

The politics of racism

Mike Seccombe
The government’s rhetoric on race takes it into territory that is uglier and more targeted than even John Howard’s campaigns.

Frydenberg's energy battle over coal

Karen Middleton
Trying to broker agreement in the Coalition on the best action on climate change appears to be a Sisyphean task as supporters of coal maintain their pressure.

Tony Abbott’s latest demolition job

Bases loaded for Frydenberg

Academic independence threatened by US-style philanthropy

Mike Seccombe
The Ramsay Centre fiasco highlights the dangers of universities ceding academic independence in return for private money, in the manner of billionaire philanthropy in the United States.

Howard, Abbott and the Ramsay Centre

Mike Seccombe
The falling out between the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation and the ANU highlights the right’s hypocrisy over the values it purports to defend.

Building on the Uluru statement

Martin McKenzie-Murray
A year on from the historic Uluru statement, constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples remains in limbo.