The Coalition’s national energy guarantee

Karen Middleton
While the government’s proposed national energy guarantee has been criticised as being more about saving Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership than good policy, has the prime minister smuggled in a carbon price under the noses of his conservative colleagues?

Gadfly: Just wild about Harry

Richard Ackland
Invariably Gadfly turns to Grouper Greg Sheridan in The Catholic Boys Daily for thought leadership. Grouper’s endorsement of Admiral Harry Harris, the United States commander in the Pacific, as Barking Dog Trump’s ambassador to Australia, could not have been more reassuring.

Abbott looks to Pell on energy policy

Karen Middleton
In condemning action on climate change as killing ‘goats to appease the volcano gods’, Tony Abbott was paraphrasing an earlier speech by his confessor, Cardinal George Pell.

Tony Abbott's shadow over government policy

Name-calling in the energy debate

Gadfly: Coleridge and the rime of the ancient marrier

Richard Ackland

It was uplifting to see Father Paul Kelly, editor-at-large of The Catholic Boys Daily, beating the drum for a religious freedom bill. Never mind that already we have too much religious freedom; Father Kelly wants more.

Correcting the debate on gender identity

The ‘No surprises here’ case

In Tony Abbott’s mind, he is the vanquished leader of a silent majority. In reality, he is a fringe figure who has spent his life clinging to the leftovers of debates other people have won.

Abbott's all-out assault over energy

Welcome to the ‘No’ case

Sean Kelly
Led by established and co-ordinated conservative voices, the ‘No’ case breaks down into three key arguments, under which sits the backbeat of homophobia.