law & crime

law & crime June 18, 2022

The aged-care crisis in prisons

Despite ample warning that Australia’s jails are facing a rapidly ageing population, little action has been taken to mitigate the complications of dementia and illness.

law & crime June 11, 2022

Why did Google try to defend Friendlyjordies’ Barilaro videos?

Google’s defence of a popular YouTuber’s blatantly racist and defamatory content has cost it dearly, both in money and reputation.

defence May 14, 2022

Ben Roberts-Smith trial calls next witness

As the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case continues, his four star witnesses face their own difficulties in and out of the witness box.

law & crime May 14, 2022

New front in Coalition war on charities

Before the election, the Morrison government’s charities commission began issuing letters that threatened charities with deregistration if they were engaged in advocacy. Many regard these ‘reviews’ as a means of silencing the sector.

indigenous affairs May 14, 2022

The death of Ricky Lee Cound

The suicide of Ricky Lee Cound in a prison south-east of Perth has sparked a fresh campaign for the recognition of sovereign rights and government accountability for Indigenous deaths in custody.

ir April 23, 2022

Roman Abramovich’s day in Australian court

A defamation claim by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich in the Federal Court has prompted questions over whether public interest journalism is sufficiently protected by Australian law.

indigenous affairs April 23, 2022

Children isolated and ‘fed through a hatch’ at Don Dale

Despite a 2016 royal commission, conditions in youth detention in the Northern Territory remain cruelly punitive, exacerbated by even harsher restrictions due to Covid-19. 

law & crime April 16, 2022

The plot to destroy the Human Rights Commission

After a decade in which the Coalition has attempted to undermine and abolish the Human Rights Commission, the body is almost broke and facing international sanctions.

law & crime April 9, 2022

Immigration case raises concerns over High Court politicisation

A High Court decision on citizenship, seen as being as important as Mabo, is being recontested in what some experts say is an attempt at an American-style politicisation of the judiciary.

law & crime March 26, 2022

Delays are allowing abusers to hide assets from their victims

The federal government has done nothing to prevent child sexual abuse perpetrators from hiding their assets in superannuation, despite an announcement made four years ago promising legislation to assist survivors’ claims for compensation.

indigenous affairs March 19, 2022

The reporting of the Zachary Rolfe trial

Following the acquittal of Zachary Rolfe in the shooting death of Kumanjayi Walker, a careful media offensive has begun in the police officer’s defence.