Monday, December 04, 2017

Joyce returns to Parliament

Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has been re-elected after convincingly winning the New England byelection. Joyce won more than 60 per cent of the vote as the Nationals candidate, with none of the other 16 contenders garnering more than 12 per cent. Joyce’s return to the House of Representatives comes as parliamentarians prepare to submit information about their citizenship status, with the government threatening to refer several Labor MPs to the High Court if their responses are deemed unclear. Manager of opposition business Tony Burke has accused the government of exercising a “protection racket” by shielding its own MPs from the same level of scrutiny.

Representatives of the Wangan and Jagalingou traditional owners in central Queensland have filed an injunction against mining corporation Adani and the Queensland government. At a meeting in Brisbane on Saturday, the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council voted unanimously to prevent the National Native Title Tribunal from approving an Indigenous land use agreement that would waive native title rights over an area where the proposed Carmichael coal mine is set to be built. Spokesperson Adrian Burragubba said the agreement was a “sham” designed to let Adani “pretend to have our consent”, declaring “there will be no surrender of our traditional lands and waters”. Two Chinese banks have declared they will not finance the Adani mine, adding to the project’s legal, financial and political obstacles.

A group of Anglican bishops has broken with their church’s stance that opposes the same-sex marriage bill before parliament. The House of Representatives will debate Liberal Senator Dean Smith’s marriage equality bill this week, and same-sex weddings could begin by Christmas if it passes unamended. Coalition conservatives, however, will seek to insert greater religious protections into the bill, which would require approval from the Senate and delay the bill’s passage. In an open letter penned by Bishop of Wangaratta, John Parkes, he and six other bishops said the bill should be allowed to pass in its current form, saying it “accords fulsome recognition of the religious rights and freedoms that underpin a democratic, plural and multicultural society”. Liberal MPs Trent Zimmerman, Tim Wilson, Warren Entsch and Trevor Evans will likely vote with Labor to pass the bill unamended, defeating any attempts to change its provisions.

And One Nation leader Pauline Hanson may be found in contempt of the Senate after failing to declare a free boat cruise of the Great Barrier Reef last year. Hanson, fellow Senator Brian Burston and now-disqualified Senator Malcolm Roberts visited the reef to “prove” that coral bleaching caused by global warming was a myth. The cruise, donated to the three senators and a group of staff and media, was valued at $4500, well above the threshold of declarations for gifts. Hanson only declared the gift when questioned by Fairfax reporters, putting her at risk of being found “in serious contempt of the Senate”.

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Flood of tears for unlucky couple as torrential rain forces wedding cancellation

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A new generation in Japan faces a lonely death

“To many residents in Mrs. Ito’s complex, the deaths were the natural and frightening conclusion of Japan’s journey since the 1960s. A single-minded focus on economic growth, followed by painful economic stagnation over the past generation, had frayed families and communities, leaving them trapped in a demographic crucible of increasing age and declining births. The extreme isolation of elderly Japanese is so common that an entire industry has emerged around it, specialising in cleaning out apartments where decomposing remains are found.” the new york times

In the footsteps of a killer

“In addition to 50 sexual assaults in Northern California, he was responsible for ten sadistic murders in Southern California. Here was a case that spanned a decade and ultimately changed DNA law in the state. Neither the Zodiac Killer, who terrorized San Francisco in the late 1960s and early ’70s, nor the Night Stalker, who had Southern Californians locking their windows in the ’80s, was as active. Yet the Golden State Killer has little recognition; he didn’t even have a catchy name until I coined one.” los angeles magazine

‘A tale of decay’: the Houses of Parliament are falling down

“Britain’s Parliament is broken. It is a fire risk. It is insanitary. Asbestos worms its way through the building. Many of the pipes and cables that carry heat, water, electricity and gas were installed just after the war and should have been replaced in the 1970s; some of them date from the 19th century. The older the steam pipes become, the more likely they are to crack or leak. The building caught fire 40 times between 2008 and 2012.” the guardian



Will George Christensen leave the Coalition now that he’s been outed as the anonymous MP that threatened to quit unless Malcolm Turnbull did?

“Nationals MP George Christensen privately told me, Peta Credlin and Cory Bernardi that he would quit the Turnbull Government if Malcolm Turnbull was still Prime Minister this week. He authorised me and Peta to spread the word, without using his name, hoping to create maximum pressure on Turnbull ... He told me that he meant his threat and explicitly told me I should report it without fear that he’d back down and make me look like a party to mischief. Now he’s piked, and I must say he has behaved very badly.”   herald sun


Why would he? He never follows through anyway, and he’s never punished for it.

“Christensen says he informed the Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce, in a text on Saturday – as Joyce awaited the verdict of voters in the New England byelection – that he had decided to stay with the Turnbull government now the banking royal commission was going ahead. He has threatened to quit the Coalition several times before but never has ... ‘We obviously welcome his change of heart, or his affirmation that he’ll remain part of the Coalition’, Turnbull told Sky News.”  guardian australia


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An exclusive look at the 2018 gay agenda

“Every year, members of the LGBTQ deep state, of which I proudly consider myself a member, convene at an underground crafts store in Provincetown, Massachusetts to draft our gay agenda for the upcoming year. The potluck includes some of the most powerful queer globalists in the world, all of us with vast vegan baked good reserves we’re ready to advance our deviant LGBTQ agenda. It’s time to come clean and admit it that, eek, sorry we didn't mention before, but there is a vast homosexual conspiracy.” mashable