Monday, February 19, 2018

Turnbull and Joyce meet

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce have met in Sydney for the first time since publicly excoriating each other in the wake of Joyce’s infidelity. Speaking to the media on Sunday, Turnbull said there were “no issues between the Liberal and National parties at all”, and that he had not apologised to Joyce as “there is nothing to apologise for”. Turnbull and Joyce will both be absent from the domestic spotlight this week, as Joyce takes enforced personal leave and Turnbull travels to Washington DC. Treasurer Scott Morrison defended Turnbull’s ban on ministers having sex with staff on Sunday, saying on the ABC’s Insiders that “if you sleep with your staff, it's not private anymore, it's public, because you're a minister in a position of responsibility and power over those who work for you”.

A group of 35 refugees has left Nauru for the United States, leaving about 2000 refugees and asylum seekers in Australian offshore detention. So far about 170 refugees have been approved for resettlement in the US, with more flights expected this month. The makeup of the group, mainly Rohingya, Pakistani and Afghan men, provided further evidence that the US has refused to resettle any refugees from Iran as part of President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Three asylum seekers on Manus Island were allegedly attacked on Friday by members of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, sharing photos of their scrapes and bruises on social media.

Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison and communications minister Mitch Fifield complained to the ABC about an article criticising the government’s planned corporate tax cuts before the article was pulled on Thursday. The February 14 piece, by chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici, was removed from ABC platforms after being publicly criticised by ministers and business leaders, on the grounds that it “did not accord with our editorial standards for analysis content”. The ABC denied that the piece was removed due to political pressure, while Alberici has defended her reporting, noting that she was nominated for a Walkley award in 2001 for her reporting on tax minimisation. Read a cached version of the original article here.

And Darwin will host greater numbers of United States Marines as part of a defence agreement that will be discussed by Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump. The new US ambassador to Australia, Admiral Harry Harris, told a congressional hearing last week that an additional 250 Marines would be stationed in Darwin, along with 10 Osprey transport aircraft and F-22 Raptor fighter jets. Harris told the House Armed Services Committee that the troop increase was necessary to counter China’s “impressive military build-up” in the region, particularly on artificial islands in the South China Sea.

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The killing of Gauri Lankesh

“Last September, as the journalist Gauri Lankesh was returning to her home from work, a man approached her in the driveway, his face obscured by a motorcycle helmet. He fired a pistol as she ran toward her house, about 10 feet away ... Lankesh, the editor and publisher of a Bangalore weekly, the Gauri Lankesh Patrike, was an outspoken left-wing journalist working in an India that, since the 2014 election of Narendra Modi, leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), as prime minister, has become one of the world’s most dangerous countries to be a reporter.”columbia journalism review

How K-pop became a global phenomenon

“They call it Hallyu, the Korean wave: the idea that South Korean pop culture has grown in prominence to become a major driver of global culture, seen in everything from Korean dramas on Netflix to Korean skincare regimens dominating the cosmetics industry to delicious Korean tacos on your favorite local menu. And at the heart of Hallyu is the ever-growing popularity of K-pop – short, of course, for Korean pop music.” vox

How to make pizza, the highest form of cooking

“Despite pizza’s immense popularity, we would hazard a guess that the Venn diagram of people who love to eat pizza and the people who love to make pizza looks like two pizza pies just ever-so-slightly overlapping each other. Should everyone make pizza? Maybe not! Would the world be a better place if more people started making pizza? Most definitely. Obviously, you could, right this second, search the internet and be delivered an absolute glut of pizza recipes. With such a vast amount of knowledge out there, you might wonder: Is there a wrong way to make pizza?” digg



Who’s suffering the most from the Nationals’ ongoing drama?

“Senior Nationals are openly canvassing a challenge to their embattled leader Barnaby Joyce, who was in crisis talks with Malcolm Turnbull on Saturday while Liberal MPs started openly calling on the Deputy Prime Minister to quit. As the fallout from Mr Joyce’s affair with a former staffer raged on, Veterans Affairs Minister Michael McCormack – considered the most likely to replace Mr Joyce – did not rule out a leadership challenge but said he didn't want to get ‘too far ahead of myself’.”  fairfax


George Christensen, who’s clearly going through attention withdrawals.

“George Christensen has been reported to police by a Queensland environmental activist after the outspoken Nationals MP posted a photo of himself with a handgun on social media. Mr Christensen on Saturday posted a photo of himself aiming a gun to Facebook with a post saying ‘You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?’ ”  fairfax


and finally:

18 pictures of Flynn, Westminster 2018 Best in Show winner

“The AKC classifies the Bichon Frise’s bark level as ‘barks when necessary’, but the way things went at the 142nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Show, there was plenty to bark about. Flynn, the winner for the Non-Sporting Group, earned the coveted title of Best in Show at the 2018 competition. At his perfectly manicured heels were a Giant Schnauzer by the name of Ty, placing the Reserve Best in Show, a spunky Pug, an eager to please Sussex Spaniel and more.” american kennel club