Monday, March 05, 2018

Liberals win in Tasmania

Tasmania’s Liberal government has been re-elected, winning at least 13 seats in Tasmania’s 25-seat House of Assembly to secure a majority. Premier Will Hodgman’s Liberals secured more than 50 per cent of the primary vote, with Labor securing 33 per cent and the Greens just 10 per cent, their worst result since 1998. Backed by the gaming industry, the Liberals spent millions during the campaign, prompting opposition leader Rebecca White to complain that “it should not be the case that you can buy a seat in the Tasmanian Parliament”.

The federal Labor opposition is considering withdrawing its support for the Work for the Dole program, potentially making the welfare measure an election issue. Speaking on the ABC’s Insiders on Sunday, shadow employment services and workforce participation minister Ed Husic said Work for the Dole “clearly has either got an issue with its safety or an issue ultimately as to whether or not it's putting people into work”. Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, Husic said “there are elements of [Work for the Dole] that are basically unsafe”, highlighting cases where participants have been killed on projects or exposed to asbestos.

Nationals New England MP Barnaby Joyce has criticised The Daily Telegraph’s reporting of his affair with former staffer Vikki Campion, saying the paternity of Campion’s child is unclear. Speaking to Fairfax, Joyce said News Corp did not ask whether Campion’s child was his before publishing the infamous ‘Bundle of Joyce’ headline, saying his travel schedule when the baby was likely conceived made its paternity “a grey area”. “It’s mine, on the record, there it is. And can I say, even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t care, I’d still go through this, I’d still love him”, Joyce said.

And in Europe, Italians have headed to the polls in an election with no clear frontrunner. The anti-establishment Five Star Movement, led by 31-year-old former waiter Luigi Di Maio, is likely to form the single largest party in Italy’s Parliament, while a coalition of right-wing parties led by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is seeking to capitalise on unease over African immigration. In Germany, meanwhile, chancellor Angela Merkel secured an historic fourth term in office, almost six months after last year’s election, when the centre-left Social Democratic Party agreed to form a “grand coalition” government with Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats.

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House of Rainbow: the new pink line dividing the world

“In the 21st century, there are two parts of the world where the law still generally criminalises male homosexual sex: Muslim countries and former colonies of the British empire. And in some of these latter countries, including Nigeria and Uganda, the original penal code proscriptions inherited from Britain have being strengthened by harsh new legislation. In colonial times, Cecil John Rhodes vowed to paint a line in pink – the colour of British dominion, on maps – from the Cape to Cairo. Now, a century later, a new pink line seems to be being drawn across the globe.”the guardian

Things fall apart

“Lagos is shaped by water. Its name comes from the Portuguese word for ‘lakes’, and the city is situated on the western and southwestern shorelines of a 2,500-square-mile lagoon. The water abuts a swathe of mainland before splitting into serpentine channels that flow between several small islands and empty into the Gulf of Guinea. The islands house Lagos’s business districts and elite neighborhoods, while the mainland is where government offices and the airport are located. It’s also where most of the population lives.” atavist

SwedenSpeed Weekend on Ice is where sanity goes to die and axles go to break

“Have you ever seen small children drift, flip and hammer dents out of a DAF 66 sedan? Have you ever seen a bunch of BMW-swapped Volvos go toe-to-toe with a 1940s DeSoto and a BMW engine-swapped Toyota Supra on a giant frozen lake drift-course? Multiple rocket cars ripping down two miles of frozen lake including one that was gunning for the world ice-speed record? A motorcycle with a saw-blade as a rear wheel? If the answer is ‘no’ to all of these, then you’re probably normal.” jalopnik



How much money did the Tasmanian Liberals spend getting re-elected?

“Tasmanian voters are being bombarded with political advertising in the dying days of the state election campaign, with the Liberal Party and its supporters far outspending their rivals. Pro-Liberal political advertising has dominated the airwaves, screens and newspapers of Tasmanians. Advertising has also popped up on children’s iPad games, as the Liberals flood social media, Google searches and YouTube.”  abc


Find out in 2019.

“Tasmania does not have campaign-finance disclosure laws. It is subject to federal legislation requiring annual release of total donations and the specifics of any donation greater than $13,500. Donations made this financial year are not required to be made public until 2019. Labor claims the government and its hospitality industry supporters would have spent about $5 million on advertising.”  guardian australia


and finally:

Introducing ‘Goob’, the predictive text parody of Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness brand

“Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, a ‘lifestyle brand’, is known for giving bizarre new-age health advice like giving yourself coffee grind enemas and steaming your vagina. A group of artists parodied Goop and created ‘Goob’, a ‘new Gwyneth Paltrow’. With headlines like ‘Listen to Your Body: Your Migraines are Podcasts Trying to be Produced’ and ‘Is the Soul More Supple When You've Been Divorced? We Asked Two Dogs for Some Answers’, it doesn’t sound that different from actual Goop headlines.” mashable