Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Nauru bans ABC journalists

The government of Nauru has banned ABC journalists from covering the upcoming Pacific Islands Forum. In a statement yesterday, the government accused the ABC of “blatant interference in Nauru’s domestic politics prior to the 2016 election, harassment of and lack of respect towards our president in Australia, false and defamatory allegations against members of our government, and continued biased and false reporting about our country”. Federal parliamentary press gallery committee president David Crowe called the ban “an outrageous restriction on press freedom” saying “all Australians should be dismayed that the government of Nauru seeks to exclude an Australian media organisation in this way”. Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, who will visit Nauru for the summit in September, is yet to comment.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has sought legal advice over comments made by Liberal Democratic Party senator David Leyonhjelm on Sky News. Writing on Twitter, Hanson-Young said “as a woman, a sister and a mother, I will continue to stand up. I will not be intimidated or bullied by offensive and sexist slurs.” Politicians across party lines urged Leyonhjelm to apologise for his remarks that followed his initial outburst on the floor of the Senate last week, with former prime minister Tony Abbott telling Sydney radio station 2GB that “Leyonhjelm goes on Sky and very smug and self-righteous repeats the damn thing, people should be better than that”. You know it’s bad when Tony Abbott thinks you’ve gone too far.

Leftist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador has won a landslide victory in Mexico’s presidential election. López Obrador ran at the head of a three-party coalition, Juntos Haremos Historia (Together We’ll Make History), of which his left-wing Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (National Regeneration Movement) is the largest member. The coalition won at least 213 seats in Mexico’s 300-seat Chamber of Deputies, while López Obrador garnered more than 53 per cent of the presidential vote, more than 30 points ahead of his nearest rival. Speaking at Mexico City’s Hilton Hotel, López Obrador pledged to “kick out corruption from our country” and that his government was “looking for an amicable relationship” with the United States.

And a Thai boys’ soccer team has been found alive in a tunnel complex nine days after they went missing. The 12 boys and their coach went missing after setting out to explore the Tham Luang cave complex in northern Thailand, prompting an international rescue effort involving soldiers and Royal Thai Navy SEAL divers. Video recorded by rescuers shows the moment when divers found the 13. The group is still trapped in the flooded tunnels, with rescuers assessing whether to teach the boys to use naval diving equipment to extricate them.

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Are we stuck with cement?

“The cement industry is the second-largest industrial emitter of carbon after the steel industry. When accounting for its use in human-made structures, it is responsible for more than a third of carbon emissions. But unlike the transport sector, in which a new type of fuel can dramatically decrease pollutants, cement’s problem is, well, cemented in its formulation.” the outline

The scarecrow master of Shinkoko, Japan

“We wandered past two boys – well, boy-like figures – playing on a rusting bicycle, and a woman sitting in a work shed with her back to the road. Ayano-san led me up a driveway to her house. Seated beside the path to her door were half a dozen more figures: a girl in school uniform; a mother with a baby in her lap; an elderly gentleman in a business suit holding a cigarette.” bbc

The counterfeit Queen of Soul

“In the early days of rock ’n’ roll, copycat performers were plentiful in black music circles. Artists had few legal rights, and fans often knew stars only by their voices. Back in 1955, James Brown and Little Richard shared a booking agent who once made Brown fill in when Richard was double-booked. When a crowd in Alabama realized it, and chanted, ‘We want Richard!’ Brown won them over with a string of back flips.”smithsonian



Is Andrew Bolt doing okay with this plastic bag thing?

“How many people must suffer and even die before these green zealots show mercy? It’s bad enough that we’ve got new bans on free plastic shopping bags that will save very few turtles but could well kill humans, thanks to the bacteria that tend to fester in the reusable bags we must use instead.”  the herald sun


This could give him a heart attack.

“Al-Shabab has banned single-use plastic bags in the areas it controls in Somalia, according to media outlets affiliated with the group. According to the pro-Shabab Somali Memo website, the group has also banned logging with immediate effect. Mohamed Abu Abdalla, al-Shabab’s governor for southern Somalia’s Shabelle regions, said plastic ‘poses a serious threat to the well-being of both humans and animals’.”  gosahan


and finally:

Man offended by rude female coworker continuing to speak over him after he clearly interrupted her

“Saying the rude woman in question ‘didn’t even try to let him finish his interjection,’ marketing analyst Kevin Ferris took deep personal offence Thursday when his female coworker continued speaking after he clearly interrupted her. ‘God, I’ll be right in the middle of butting in and Morgan will just totally monopolise the conversation she was having,’ said Ferris, adding that his associate raises her voice in meetings the second he tries to cut her off and insists on always getting the last word of her sentences.” the onion