Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Senator calls for ‘final solution’

Katter’s Australia Party senator Fraser Anning has praised the White Australia Policy and spoke of a “final solution to the immigration problem”. Delivering his inaugural address in the Senate yesterday, the Queensland senator said “we as a nation are entitled to insist that those who are allowed to come here predominantly reflect the historic European-Christian composition of Australian society” and called for a ban on Muslim immigration. “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but certainly all terrorists these days are Muslim, so why would anyone want to bring more of them here?” Fraser said. Speaking in the House of Representatives in response, Labor immigration spokesperson Tony Burke said the “silence” of the federal government in response to growing racist rhetoric “is everything to fear”. “There has to be a point when this parliament says ‘enough’. And if we haven’t reached that point tonight, then for some of us there is, apparently, no limit at all,” Burke said.

The National Energy Guarantee is in jeopardy after Coalition backbenchers threatened to cross the floor and vote against the energy plan. While most Coalition MPs agreed to endorse the NEG in a marathon joint party-room meeting on Monday, conservative backbenchers Tony Abbott, Andrew Hastie, Eric Abetz, Craig Kelly, Tony Pasin, Andrew Gee, Barry O’Sullivan and George Christensen reserved the right to cross the floor when legislation to establish the scheme reaches the floor of parliament. In a statement on Facebook, Abbott expressed reservations about ratifying the carbon reduction commitments Australia signed up to as part of the Paris agreement to fight climate change. “When the big emitters are not meeting Paris, why should we?” Abbott said. Labor energy spokesperson Mark Butler said on Friday that the NEG needed to promote robust emissions targets and renewable energy investment to secure bipartisan support.

Financial services group Colonial First State has admitted ($) to breaking the law more than 15,000 times after failing to move customers from high-fee to low-fee superannuation accounts. The royal commission into the banking and financial industries heard on Monday that CFS executive general manager Linda Elkins admitted CFS, the wealth management arm of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, misled customers at least three times in an effort to convince them to keep their savings in the company’s First Choice Super fund. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority failed to prosecute CFS for the breaches, which occurred between 2014 and 2017, and would carry a maximum penalty of $160 million today.

And flight attendants for budget airline Jetstar have spoken out about underpayment and poor conditions. Speaking to the ABC, former Jetstar attendant Pojchara Kosolchuenvijit said cabin crews flying between Australia and popular tourist destinations such as Thailand and Bali were often required to work 20-hour shifts, and were paid as little as $100 a week. Jetstar staff have also complained about the airline’s new practice of using Thai-based crews for domestic flights to save on wages, with an unnamed pilot saying they were “not entirely satisfied this arrangement complies with Australian workplace law”.

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The reality is Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing some people in, in the 1970s, and were seeing that today.

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Jakarta, the fastest-sinking city in the world

“It sits on swampy land, the Java Sea lapping against it, and 13 rivers running through it. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that flooding is frequent in Jakarta and, according to experts, it is getting worse. But it’s not just about freak floods: this massive city is literally disappearing into the ground ... Jakarta is sinking by an average of 1-15 centimetres a year and almost half the city now sits below sea level.”bbc

Finding true north

“The urge for so many to leave the United States began to build with the election of Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant rhetoric ... With much of the US–Canada border dominated by lakes, rivers, and remote fields, and with much of the US Haitian population based on the eastern seaboard, the accessibility of the New York–Québec stretch made it the chosen entry point for the vast majority of migrants.”  longreads

Inside the poisoning of a Russian double agent

“As a Russian double agent working for the British, he’d been code-named ‘Forthwith’ – quickly – but this afternoon the poison in Sergei Skripal’s system went unhurried, making its way around his body over a period of hours. Skripal was 66, comfortably heavy in retirement, an ex-colonel who’d been cast out of the intelligence services in Russia and now lived in exile in the English city of Salisbury. Neighbors knew the place as ‘Smalls-bury’ and said that nothing too dramatic ever happened here, which would stay true for another couple of hours yet.” gq



Should we put barcodes on homeless people?

“A new charity scheme is helping homeless people get more donations in an increasingly cashless society. Greater Change, backed by Oxford University Innovation and Oxford’s Said Business School, has created wearable barcodes for rough sleepers so members of the public can give money using their smartphones.”  the independent


No, because we do not live in a Ray Bradbury novel. Just put homeless people in housing, please.

“Representatives from the Central Highlands, Barwon and Goulbourn Regional Partnerships met with Finnish homelessness policy advisor Juha Kaakinen in Melbourne on Tuesday last week. Finland is often looked to as a guiding example as the only European country where homelessness has decreased. The country adopted a ‘housing first’ approach, which resulted in a decrease in the number of people experiencing long-term homelessness by 35 per cent.”  ballarat courier


and finally:

KFC chips and buns used to tame 150-kilogram pig on the loose in Waihi

“‘We got into a pursuit with a pig,’ Waihi police Constable Harley North told Gold FM on Tuesday. North was unable to say how the swine got loose, believing it was likely someone’s pet that had broken out. It ended up on the trot down one of town’s main streets with police in hot pursuit. As luck would have it, staff at a nearby KFC came to the rescue, along with St John ambulance officers who happened to be nearby.”