education December 23, 2017

Religious school discrimination

We have been a little bewildered by recent lamentations of many of the churches about threats to their lack of religious freedom and their fear of persecution. Particularly as we heard almost nothing from them about such discrimination before the...

religion September 23, 2017

Correcting the debate on gender identity

Two weeks in, I find myself punch-drunk and utterly perplexed. As a transgender advocate who has spent more than 25 years working to expand the legal and cultural recognition of universal human rights and to demystify gender diversity more generally...

education May 27, 2017

Labor pushes on with budget reply

On Monday, the first day back for parliament since budget week, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce almost blew a gasket attacking Labor’s Bill Shorten. The opposition leader’s days were numbered, Joyce fulminated, because Anthony Albanese was going...

education June 24, 2017

Gonski’s troublesome twin

The reason I supported the original Gonski schools funding formula was because it was both needs based and sector blind. The formula wasn’t perfect, but what is? Implementing it, for example, was more expensive than it should have been because of...

education November 5, 2016

Time to get the politics out of education policy

Forgive me the classroom metaphor, but here’s a brief note to Malcolm Turnbull about the Gonski reforms: it’s time to stop sitting next to Tony Abbott, move to the front of the class, show some leadership and invest in our...

environment June 4, 2016

Parties adjust rhetoric after Turnbull-Shorten TV debate

For the most unwatched leaders’ debate in the 32-year history of the ritual, last Sunday’s joust caused a huge rethink of the Liberals’ campaign. Though most of the paid commentariat thought it was either a narrow Turnbull win...

education March 21, 2015

Christopher Pyne’s Holy Grail of education reform

Monty Python could not do better. Education Minister Christopher Pyne described himself as a fixer as his higher education reforms went down in flames again in the senate. It is becoming a metaphor for the government. The...

education July 18, 2014

Pyne’s plan for US-style unis misguided

Adopting US funding models in higher education will entrench inequality.