economy April 17, 2021

Morrison’s delivery failures pile up

Revenge, so the expression goes, is a dish best served cold. Six months after her “humiliation” by the prime minister and “bullying” by Australia Post’s chairman, Christine Holgate gave ice-cold vent to her fury. And while the former chief executive...

environment April 17, 2021

Coal’s fragile economics

When Malcolm Turnbull was dumped last week from New South Wales’ Net Zero Emissions and Clean Economy advisory board as quickly as he was appointed, the move shocked many people. Turnbull was dropped by his own protégé, the state’s Environment...

indigenous affairs April 10, 2021

Lessons from a decade as an Aboriginal cop

Content warning: this piece contains the names of Aboriginal people who are deceased. I spent 10 years as a police officer, working in Queensland. My book, Black and Blue , recounts my time in the police as an Aboriginal woman, and my life as a...

environment April 3, 2021

A foreign policy for the climate

Britain’s Conservative government last month declared the fight against climate change its top diplomatic priority after a comprehensive review of its foreign, defence and security policy. In the United States, Joe Biden has mainstreamed climate...

law & crime April 3, 2021

Government reset on women

All governments have horror stretches; the Morrison government is certainly no exception, as the past six weeks attest. But it is how governments deal with these political crises that can seal or save their fate. The Americans have a colourful turn...

law & crime March 10, 2021

Why our media and politics fail trauma survivors

Media commentators were quick to attack mention of a widely read self-help book in the dossier of Christian Porter's accuser. But the science of trauma is complicated, and we lack the nuance needed to understand it or its treatments.

law & crime March 6, 2021

Christian Porter, accusations and denials

It took one week for Australia’s first law officer, Christian Porter, to come out of hiding. In those seven days, he and his prime minister did everything to minimise the grave allegations of a violent historic rape. Porter has issued vehement...

law & crime February 27, 2021

Morrison in survival mode

Craig Kelly’s fulsome praise of Scott Morrison as Kelly quit the Liberal Party this week was akin to the Mafia sending roses to its next victim. Kelly said he sincerely hoped Morrison would “go on to be one of Australia’s greatest and longest-...

law & crime February 27, 2021

Children’s rights suffer in Queensland

As Queensland reels from the deaths of a number of innocent people as a result of car theft by teenagers in recent weeks, community members are, understandably, desperately seeking answers to how such needless deaths can be prevented. But the...

law & crime February 20, 2021

‘I was a staffer, and so was my perpetrator’

Eighteen months after publicly reporting her assault, former Liberal staffer Dhanya Mani explains why this week does not represent ‘progress’.

law & crime February 20, 2021

Notes on a Coalition scandal

When bad news is dominating the headlines, the best solution for a prime minister is to eclipse it with good news. How fortunate then for Scott Morrison that he was able to finally announce on Tuesday that the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine had been...