religion May 8, 2021

Scott Morrison and Pentecostalism

The release of an unauthorised video of the prime minister preaching at his church’s national conference last month has given Australians a glimpse of an unknown man in another world. Here was a leader clearly at home with his people, using...

religion May 1, 2021

Politics, Morrison and faith

It may console some Australians to know that their prime minister is doing God’s work. Millions of others are more likely to be confused, and even flabbergasted. Yet courtesy of a scratchy YouTube video, shot at a Pentecostal conference on the Gold...

religion December 12, 2020

Christchurch massacre: an Australian crime

Husna Ahmed was a wife and mother who migrated from Bangladesh to New Zealand, where she used to teach children and help to care for the elderly at her local mosque. When the Australian terrorist began to slaughter the fellow members of her...

religion February 22, 2020

St Kevin’s College, abuse and the language of pain

An ugly wound has been opened at the heart of St Kevin’s College this week, after revelations in a Four Corners report about the school’s failures to respond to complaints of a culture of secrecy, toxic masculinity and sexual abuse. The scandal at...

religion November 16, 2019

George Pell’s appeal to the High Court

The High Court’s decision to hear George Pell’s appeal against his conviction for five counts of sexually assaulting choirboys was met with dismay by survivors of clergy abuse and their advocates. But lawyers had expected the court would grant leave...

religion August 5, 2017

Misunderstanding Islamophobia

In the two-and-a-half decades between the publication of his groundbreaking book Orientalism and his death, Edward Said spent considerable energy rejecting claims that his work is a defence of the “real” Islam. Such an assumption, he wrote, “would...

religion June 10, 2017

Playing the blame game on terror attacks

The sheer magnitude of the terror atrocities in London and Manchester has spawned a dark mood in the community. Our politicians are sensing it but the reactions of some are increasingly dangerous to our survival as a liberal democratic society. At...

religion February 25, 2017

Yassmin Abdel-Magied and the Australian crucible

It doesn’t matter how moderate or modern or feminist or liberal or patriotic one is – if they are also proudly Muslim, they are a problem.

editorial August 30, 2014

George Pell and the Catholic Church’s cross to bear on child abuse

It is a grim reality that George Pell’s leadership of the Catholic Church in Australia will be defined by the abuse of children. In many ways, the church’s cynical handling of clerical abuse will overwhelm all other works of the past few decades...