middle east   November 25, 2023

Far-right ‘anarcho-capitalist’ wins Argentine presidency

Death toll soars in Ukraine. Chinese sonar incident injures Australian divers. Genocide fears in Sudan.

middle east   November 18, 2023

Israeli troops raid Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

Israeli troops advance as hospital status ‘catastrophic’. Hostage talks continue. Clashes between Israel and Hezbollah escalate.

middle east   November 11, 2023

Ceasefire calls intensify amid unfolding catastrophe in Gaza

Talks of ‘pause’ for hostages. The battlefield. The future of Gaza. Risk of regional war.

europe   November 4, 2023

Pakistan sets deadline for expulsion of Afghan refugees

Russia launches new offensive in eastern Ukraine. China’s aid to Pacific states falls. US reins in artificial intelligence.

middle east   October 28, 2023

Israel pushed on Gaza aid as ground invasion looms

Attacks on Ukraine intensify. Power alliances formed in Indonesia. Philippines and China on a collision course.

middle east   October 21, 2023

A million Gazans flee homes as conflict escalates

The terrible toll from the war between Israel and Hamas worsened this week, as tensions on Israel’s northern border added to fears the fighting could erupt into an all-out regional war.

middle east   October 14, 2023

Hamas–Israel: The war that will reshape the Middle East

Israeli–Palestinian tensions have escalated to unprecedented levels, leaving thousands dead or injured, after last weekend’s unexpected attack by the Islamist militant movement Hamas provoked brutal retaliation.

europe   October 7, 2023

Judge gags Trump as fraud trial puts empire on shaky ground

Cracks in Western support for Ukraine. Clashes in Papua leave five dead. Canada–India rift grows.

antarctica   September 30, 2023

Armenia claims Azerbaijan is intent on ethnic cleansing

Russia, Ukraine launch fierce drone attacks. Biden hosts Pacific Islands summit. Antarctic sea ice dwindling.

middle east   September 23, 2023

Iran frees jailed Americans in US$6 billion prisoner swap

Russia accused of genocide. Tuvalu declares its ongoing statehood. India denies ‘assassination’.

africa   September 15, 2023

Kim travels to Russia in show of support for Putin

NZ PM on track for heavy defeat. UK–China spy allegations strain relations. Thousands die in Libya floods.