middle east   February 24, 2024

Pressure mounts on Israel to abandon Rafah invasion plan

Fifty dead in PNG tribal clashes. Yulia Navalnaya vows to continue husband’s work. Haitian president’s widow accused of murder plot.

middle east   February 17, 2024

Australia joins leaders urging Israel not to invade Rafah

PNG prime minister Marape faces no-confidence motion. Shehbaz Sharif to lead Pakistan. Trump backs Russia over NATO.

asia pacific   February 17, 2024

Inside Prabowo’s rise to power

A change of attitude has helped propel Indonesia’s new president to the nation’s top job – but will he be able to maintain it now he has the role he coveted for 20 years?

middle east   February 10, 2024

Prabowo poised for victory despite human rights queries

Israel and Hamas reject ceasefire proposals. Outrage over Yang Hengjun death sentence. Imran Khan’s absence taints Pakistan elections.

middle east   February 3, 2024

Paris talks see Israel and Hamas edge closer to a truce

UNRWA aid paused. ICJ makes initial ruling. Biden responds after troops attacked.

middle east   January 27, 2024

Ceasefire negotiations continue in Israel–Hamas war

Fiji dismissal threatens ruling coalition. Modi oversees consecration of temple on mosque site. Trump closer to nomination.

asia pacific   January 20, 2024

China’s reunification goal the loser in Taiwan’s elections

Taiwan has again voted to re-elect the Democratic Progressive Party, further inflaming cross-strait tensions with Beijing.

north america   January 13, 2024

Inside the US Republican primaries: the Trump avalanche

The United States presidential election is just 10 months away, Joe Biden is taking a battering in the polls and Donald Trump looks set to sweep the first four Republican primaries.

middle east   December 23, 2023

UN Security Council works to garner US ceasefire support

Hostage exchange talks resume. Multinational naval force to patrol Red Sea. Polls indicate dramatic shift in public opinion.

middle east   December 16, 2023

Inside Albanese’s ceasefire position

The decision to back a United Nations resolution on the Israel–Hamas war comes after lobbying from key cabinet ministers.

middle east   December 9, 2023

Israel pushes into southern Gaza after ceasefire collapses

Calls to protect civilians. Focus on Iran’s role. Early warning ignored.