Duterte words offend West’s commentariat

Hamish McDonald
Royal Thais in bind; African nations quit Hague crime court

Scott Morrison pulls the plug on China Ausgrid deal

Hamish McDonald
Hong Kong writer’s column suspended by economic journal; Rape atrocity in South Sudan may lift UN presence; Ruddock needs updating for new human rights role.

Q&A with international peacemaker José Ramos-Horta

Hamish McDonald
At the forefront of Timor-Leste’s fight for independence, José Ramos-Horta remains an active figure in world politics. He shares his thoughts on Kevin Rudd, hypocrisy over maritime borders and making another bid for the Timorese presidency.

Australian miners in South Africa

Phillip Walker
In the wake of a local activist’s murder, Australian mining interests in Africa are being called into question.

Trump, Wilders drop bombshells after Brussels blasts

Hamish McDonald
Unmade seabeds in Timor-Leste; Egypt stays quiet on student’s death; China has a case of the Ips.

Donald Trump, Boris Johnson shake pillars of stability

Hamish McDonald
Tory ranks divided over Brexit strategy; Daesh still a target; RAN submarine bids; Ugandan election arrest; literary notes from the Middle East.

RAAF to bomb Syria as refugees flood out

Hamish McDonald
Iran deal close; China also loose on Pacific War history; Ugandan president ducks and swerves Sydney rival

Yemen Shia uprising threatens Iran nuclear deal

Hamish McDonald
Nigeria elects former coup leader; US banning gays on religious grounds; India’s free speech; capital punishment.

Sydney man running for Ugandan presidency

Hamish McDonald
Sydney-based doctor Aggrey Kiyingi hopes to unseat Uganda's dictator president.

Tony Abbott unmoved by African cries for Ebola help

Hamish McDonald
Time for words, not just bombs. A masterclass from China’s Xi.

War on opinion polls leads us back to Iraq

Hamish McDonald
Iraq venture has eye on domestic politics. Industry support doesn’t include submarines. US action on Ebola.

Greste family's stoic wait for news

Martin McKenzie-Murray
For the parents of an Australian journalist imprisoned in Egypt, the past 100 days have been interminable.