The everyday tools of the modern terrorist

Hamish McDonald
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Australia; Rex Tillerson in Asia; FBI denies wire-tapping Trump Tower.

Weighing the priorities of homeland security

Karen Middleton
As the PM and foreign minister attempt to smooth relations with Indonesia, calls increase for a consolidated approach to national security.

Trump says opponents behind hate crimes

Hamish McDonald
Putin's presdiential rivals brave; Saudi's King Salman visits Indonesia; Geert Wilders' mixed ancestry

Flynn out as Russian connections linger

Hamish McDonald
Kim Jong-un’s brother murdered; Jokowi’s hopes for Jakarta governor; Lú-Olo poised in Timor-Leste

‘Beautiful new planes’ for US armed forces

Hamish McDonald
Netanyahu plans to visit Australia; IMF damns PNG; Jakarta test in gubernatorial elections

Environmental concerns for Timor-Leste cement project

James Norman
While plans to build a major cement project in Timor-Leste have brought the welcome promise of jobs for local people, the environmental and social costs could be catastrophic.

Trump’s presidency begins with a bang not a whimper

Hamish McDonald
Focus on US marines in Darwin; testing times ahead; Brexit tensions.

Peace more polarised as terror takes reins

Hamish McDonald
Unholy conflict; China warning shot; Ahok judgement; Euro loses currency

Putin pal Tillerson to steer foreign policy

Hamish McDonald
Last bastion falls; Donor cabals; Trump credit chaos; Erdoğan angles; ABC pulls Pacific short-wave plug

China hawks in Donald Trump team behind Taiwan call

Hamish McDonald
Taiwan trade risk; NZ friendlier for seasonal workers from Pacific Islands; Italy’s PM resigns.

Europe elections may follow Brexit–Trump trend

Hamish McDonald
South Korea’s Park offers to fall on her sword; China eyes change; James Curran forecasts less united states.

APEC awaits Donald Trump’s plans for trade pacts

Hamish McDonald
President-elect chooses candidates for key posts; vale Des Ball.

Shinzō Abe tries to get a read on US-Japan alliance

Hamish McDonald
Third arrow misfire; Vlad-handing; LDP bloodline flows Down Under; Trump’s Razzie.

Donald Trump rides the end of the American Dream

Hamish McDonald
Asia surprised at Trump win; ANZUS as usual.

US faces increase of white patriot games following Bundy acquittal

Hamish McDonald
Asia-Pacific chaos; upping the ante for American allies.

Duterte words offend West’s commentariat

Hamish McDonald
Royal Thais in bind; African nations quit Hague crime court

US hangs up on Russia over Aleppo bombing

Hamish McDonald
Trump and Clinton recruit former CIA chiefs; Insiders vie to be Jakarta’s governor; Referendum blues in Hungary and Colombia

Russia and The Australian’s Greg Sheridan call win for Trump

Hamish McDonald
US unclear on nuclear first strike; deadlier weapons heading to Aleppo; The Hague orders Australia into mediation with Timor-Leste over maritime boundary.

Australia to work with Russia in Syria

Hamish McDonald
US buzzes Korea; Cosying up to Brits; Clinton’s ill tidings; Russia’s Trump card

China tightens grip on its citizens abroad

Hamish McDonald
Chinese donations scare overblown; Building with LegCo; Trumputin hacks; Riady to come clean

Flexible communists to host world leaders

Hamish McDonald
US, China rivalry a key EAS focus; Pivot turns sour; Asia shake-up as old foes get closer

Timor-Leste backing oil development before Hague ruling

Hamish McDonald
Timor-Leste’s leaders are at odds over progressing with plans for a huge oil and gas project despite the uncertain outcome of talks in The Hague over maritime boundaries.

People’s tribunal finds Australia guilty over nuclear weapons

Hamish McDonald
Weasel words at UN working group; Turkish president moves to head off Kurds; Russia ‘shows off’.

Scott Morrison pulls the plug on China Ausgrid deal

Hamish McDonald
Hong Kong writer’s column suspended by economic journal; Rape atrocity in South Sudan may lift UN presence; Ruddock needs updating for new human rights role.

Reporting the violence on Manus

John Martinkus
A rare visit to the Manus Island detention centres to interview and photograph refugees revealed the violence awaiting them in the community and the obstacles to reporting this black spot.