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middle east February 27, 2021

China confronted over treatment of Uygurs

Covid-19 cases are rising in PNG with quarantine staff stretched. Daily rallies continue in Myanmar despite crackdown. Israel criticised for its failure to vaccinate Palestinians.

europe February 20, 2021

Acquitted Trump attacks divided Republicans

New Zealand travel bubble with Australia suspended after outbreak of UK variant. Indian activists arrested over farmers’ protest. WHO plan to vaccinate poorer nations.

asia pacific February 13, 2021

Micronesian states quit Pacific forum over new leader

Ballot ignored regions’ agreement to rotate role. Chinese dam proposal in Tibet adds to India tension. Detained Australian journalist Cheng Lei alleged to have supplied state secrets overseas.

africa January 30, 2021

Australian hearings begin for former principal

Xi Jinping warns on meddling in internal affairs. PNG governor backing local Chinese fishery plant. Thousands flee rebel violence in Central African Republic.

asia pacific January 30, 2021

Exclusive: Scott Morrison misrepresents China advice

As the prime minister tries to calm concerns about tensions with China, Kevin Rudd says the idea Morrison is taking a consultative approach is ‘nonsense’.

asia pacific January 30, 2021

Pacific islands take economic hit

Despite having few or no coronavirus infections, Pacific island nations have not been immune to the economic devastation of the pandemic, leading to a jostling for power as Australia and the US contend with China for regional influence.

asia pacific December 19, 2020

Trade war: Can the China relationship be salvaged?

As Australia takes the serious step of referring its top trading partner to the World Trade Organization, China watchers wonder whether a truce is now impossible.

europe December 12, 2020

Britain rolls out mass Covid-19 vaccinations

Jacinda Ardern pledges to tighten gun licensing laws after Christchurch deaths. Polish women protest over plans to limit abortions. US investigating diplomats’ accounts of Havana syndrome.

asia pacific December 12, 2020

Part one: How the China relationship collapsed

As antagonism between Canberra and Beijing flares, tracing the history of the relationship reveals that ties began to fray long ago and tensions may get even worse.

asia pacific December 5, 2020

China–Australia ties worsen over Zhao tweet

Canberra strengthens defence ties with Japan. Australia tops list of countries affected by China’s coercive measures. Divided views on how to find a diplomatic fix.

middle east November 28, 2020

Kylie Moore-Gilbert released after 804 days in Iranian prison

Kylie Moore-Gilbert freed from Iranian prison. Key White House appointments announced by Joe Biden. Solomon Islands leader looks to ban Facebook. Benjamin Netanyahu flies to Saudi Arabia for meeting on normalisation.