north america

north america June 18, 2022

Public hearings examine a ‘dark day’ for US democracy

What Trump and Fox lied about, and the former president’s comeback plans.

europe June 4, 2022

Biden vows to send more military support to Ukraine

Pacific Islands reject Beijing deal. First visit to China by UN human rights chief since 2005. Canada tightens guns laws while US maintains status quo.

europe May 21, 2022

Finland and Sweden apply for NATO membership

New Zealand trials help for lower-income families to get electric vehicles. North Korea in lockdown as Covid-19 cases grow. US Treasury calls for regulation of volatile cryptocurrencies.

europe May 14, 2022

Putin’s Victory Day marks stalemate in war

The resignation of Mahinda Rajapaksa fails to quell violence in Sri Lanka. Clashes near PNG’s Porgera goldmine lead to 17 deaths. Ferdinand Marcos Jr wins Philippine presidential election.

asia pacific May 7, 2022

Ukraine evacuees who were trapped underground reach safety

New Zealand welcomes more international tourists. Ferdinand Marcos Jr set to be Philippine president. US abortion rights at risk as Supreme Court re-examines Roe v Wade.

europe April 9, 2022

Evidence of atrocities as Russians retreat from Kyiv

Russian President Vladimir Putin is accused of genocide in Ukraine. The United Nations and International Criminal Court begin investigating alleged war crimes. 

europe March 12, 2022

US fears invasion setback may make Putin ‘double down’

Stalled Russian convoy becomes a symbol of campaign flaws in Ukraine. Putin silences independent media and blocks access to social media. The US bans imports of Russian oil and gas.

europe March 5, 2022

Ukrainians resist as Russian forces continue to advance

The United Nations confirms 677,000 Ukraine residents have fled to neighbouring countries. ‘No one is going to break us,’ says President Volodymyr Zelensky.

europe February 26, 2022

Russia invades Ukraine as West applies sanctions

Jacinda Ardern urges anti-vaxxers to quit parliament protest. France to withdraw troops from Mali due to military junta’s continuing control. Ethiopia’s great dam project pushes ahead despite Sudan and Egypt concerns.

africa February 19, 2022

US seeks Ukraine resolution but stands firm on NATO

US to reopen embassy in Solomon Islands over China influence. Libya left with two prime ministers in political standoff. Global study of pharmaceutical pollution of rivers finds risk to wildlife and humans.

europe February 12, 2022

Moscow denies Macron’s claim of securing Ukraine pledge

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits Asia-Pacific region to strengthen ties. A state of emergency is declared in Ottawa over ‘Freedom Convoy’. Iceland ends commercial whaling.